Our pitch to you

Why Us? & How To

We offer completely anonymous delegation, no user accounts or passwords are required as our anonymous model has interactions with you handled 100% in the Tezos blockchain, even payouts! Access to your Tezos is NOT REQUIRED by us as the delegate. You can still spend them, or change your delegate at any time. Delegate changes do take some time to take effect in the blockchain, currently 5-7 cycles or maybe about 20 days, depending on blockchain health.

To the end of providing an anonynmous service, we are forced to live and die by our reputation and our performance in the blockchain, so we provide a best effort service. Our goal is to be the lowest costing highest returning delegator. We believe our past experience in this area (NXT/Ador delegate (leasing pool operator) as well as the reputation we have worked very hard to build in the Tezos community is part of what differentiates us.

To delegate to us (or to anyone else for that matter), you use your Tezos client where there should be a few different clients available by launch. We will post a video/instructions on how to do it as some clients emerge. But basically It requires you to:

  • Create a Tezos "contract" account ID (beginning with prefix 'TZ1') from your 'tz1' Tezos account. Create the contract such that it delegates to our tz1 delegate address of (TESTNET ADDRESS: tz1gator8pjfx4PGm6vaUPVqY1fsvZ2hbo32).
  • Note that here is a blockchain fee for this TZ1 creation, currently ꜩ1 but that is subject to change by the Tezos devs.
  • Your tz1 account then becomes the TZ1 account's 'manager'; so using the client, transfer to the TZ1 contract account however much ꜩ that you wish to be delegated out.
  • Again, Only you the tz1 manager can control the TZ1 contract account.
  • Blockchain rules dictate it will take about 7 cycles for you to begin getting credits for delegating, then another 6 cycles before earnings are unfrozen and available for withdrawal. This whole process could take over a month, but these same rules apply to all delegates.

We have developed a tracking system so you can track our performance in the blockchain along with your earnings. It's different tracking criteria are linked in the menu to the upper right.

Regarding payouts, we are considering handling this with a smart contract, paying out at the end of every cycle.

Alternatively, if gas costs are too prohibitive to payout with smart contracts, we may offer a model where you send a small amount of gas to us, and we will verify internally if you have earnings to pay out, then that gas you sent us will be used to transfer your earnings to your tz1 manager.

Our plan is be lowest-fee-highest-returning delegator in the Tezos ecosystem, even after considering gas costs for payments.