Our pitch to you

Why Us? & How To


CURRENT FEE: 10% on new HSM system, 15% on original system.

We offer entirely anonymous delegation. No user accounts or passwords are required as Tezzigator has interactions handled 100% within the Tezos blockchain, even payouts! Tezzigator does not require access to your Tezos. You can still spend them or change your delegate at any time. Delegate changes do take some time to take effect in the blockchain, currently seven cycles or approximately 20 days, depending on blockchain health.

To the end of providing an anonymous service, we live and die by our reputation and our performance in the blockchain, so we offer a best-effort service. Our goal is to be the lowest-cost highest-return delegator. We believe our experience in this area (NXT/Ardor leasing pool operator), as well as our reputation in the Tezos community, is part of what differentiates Tezzigator.

To set a delegate for your account, you use your Tezos client or wallet. There are several wallet options now available. You will need to:

  • Create a Tezos "contract" account ID (beginning with prefix 'KT1') from your 'tz' Tezos account. Create the contract such that it delegates to our delegate address of tz3adcvQaKXTCg12zbninqo3q8ptKKtDFTLv - yes, that is tz3 in there, not tz1 like you may expect.
  • Note that there is a blockchain fee for this KT1 creation, currently about 0.25 XTZ but that is subject to change by the Tezos development team.
  • Your tz1 account then becomes the KT1 account's 'manager'; so using the client, transfer to the KT1 contract account however much XTZ that you wish to be delegated out.
  • Only you, the tz1 manager, can control the KT1 contract account.
  • Blockchain rules dictate it will take about seven cycles for you to begin getting credits for delegating, then another six cycles before earnings are unfrozen and available for withdrawal. This whole process could take over a month, but these same rules apply to all delegates.

We have developed a tracking system so you can track our performance in the blockchain along with your earnings. See the Delegations page.

Payments are distributed at the beginning of the cycle they become available, from the previous cycle they were earned in. Currently the blockchain holds rewards for 5 cycles. We use a microscopic ꜩ0.00128 transaction fee to pay the blockchain for the transaction, this is deducted from your earnings to send payment. See our Payments Update for information on how it works.