a little about me

My Experience with Delegation

Over 3 years trusted experience in delegation and block/fees generation

NXTCrypto Forging Pool

I have been a trusted figure with over 3 years experience running a fully automated delegation and accounting system for the NXT cryptocurrency platform. My delegation pool there has around 15M NXT power for block generation, and currently generates about 8% of NXT blocks.

There is an active forum thread (I am user forkedchain) on my NXTCrypto Leased Forging Pool here.

I also already have an active delegation system for the new Ardor cryptocurrency (also 100% Proof Of Stake). Ardor is currently testnet only.

I hope to quickly and honestly gain the trust of the Tezos community just as I have for NXT. You can see my NXT pool in operation here.

Read more on me at my LinkedIn Public Profile