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  • Annualized Increase is your % growth for that 1 cycle extrapolated to an equivalent figure for yearly % growth.
  • The presence of an operation hash means your payment for that cycle was sent -it may take a minute or two to show in a block explorer
  • It is possible (and for our system, probable) for an operation hash to contain payments to you as well as to others.
CycleSnapshot Balance ꜩCycle Earnings ꜩAnnualized IncreasePay Operation Hash
22154,932.53371725.1369085.8642%Blockchain: not yet released
22054,912.08393725.5504075.9669%Blockchain: not yet released
21954,889.37704624.0037795.6076%Blockchain: not yet released
21854,865.81282725.6416735.9925%Blockchain: not yet released
21754,843.20678126.2771686.1465%Blockchain: not yet released
216 - Current Cycle54,819.9901173.3763270.7828%Blockchain: not yet released
21554,796.94549828.8106356.7368%Blockchain: not yet released
21454,772.9043324.3826725.7102%Blockchain: not yet released
21354,748.0631525.3102485.9284%Blockchain: not yet released
21254,725.13386225.6032585.9925%Blockchain: not yet released
21154,699.88755924.9244755.8386%Blockchain: not yet released