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  • Annualized Increase is your % growth for that 1 cycle extrapolated to an equivalent figure for yearly % growth.
  • The presence of an operation hash means your payment for that cycle was sent -it may take a minute or two to show in a block explorer
  • It is possible (and for our system, probable) for an operation hash to contain payments to you as well as to others.
CycleSnapshot Balance ꜩCycle Earnings ꜩAnnualized IncreasePay Operation Hash
30566,222.95034929.8464985.7744%Blockchain: not yet released
30466,215.32343427.7913675.3766%Blockchain: not yet released
30366,205.91237330.083695.8257%Blockchain: not yet released
30253,741.6138223.3932815.5819%Blockchain: not yet released
30153,732.68570725.0085695.9669%Blockchain: not yet released
300 - Current Cycle53,723.12046622.9495075.4793%Blockchain: not yet released
29953,719.21101220.6282874.9275%Blockchain: not yet released
29853,714.81989122.879125.4536%Blockchain: not yet released
29753,706.46364321.6947825.1713%Blockchain: not yet released
29653,706.46364324.5065935.8514%Blockchain: not yet released