For Docker'ed alphanet

I cannot keep your alphanet from locking up, but you can cron this script (I'd suggest only every 10 minutes) and it will restart your alphanet if the latest block is older than 10 minutes.

Download link

Assuming this script is in /root, cron this script not more frequently than every 10 mins.

*/10 * * * * /root/ >> /root/log.log 2>&1

Your clock can be in any time zone, but results of `date -u` must align correctly to UTC time.

Set the path to your script in variable $alphaPath

Variable $deadline is how long behind current time the alphanet head block is allowed to sit before restarting alphanet.

TLDR version: put this script in /root and use that cron entry I posted above

Special thanks to fredcy for helping me with "the input device is not a TTY"

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