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NEW: There is a search box at the top of the Menu you can use to search for your KT1 account dashboard in our system. We have developed a tracking system so you can track our performance in the blockchain along with your earnings.

We offer entirely anonymous delegation. No user accounts or passwords are required as Tezzigator has interactions handled 100% within the Tezos blockchain, even payouts! Tezzigator does not require access to your Tezos. You can still spend them or change your delegate at any time. Delegate changes do take some time to take effect in the blockchain, currently seven cycles or approximately 20 days, depending on blockchain health.

To the end of providing an anonymous service, we live and die by our reputation and our performance in the blockchain, so we offer a best-effort service. Our goal is to be the lowest-cost highest-return delegator. We believe our experience in this area (NXT/Ardor leasing pool operator), as well as our reputation in the Tezos community, is part of what differentiates Tezzigator.

To set a delegate for your account, you use your Tezos client or wallet. There are several wallet options now available. You will need to:

  1. Create a Tezos "contract" account ID (beginning with prefix 'KT1') from your 'tz' Tezos account. Create the contract such that it delegates to our delegate address of tz3adcvQaKXTCg12zbninqo3q8ptKKtDFTLv - yes, that is tz3 in there, not tz1 like you may expect.
  2. Note that there is a blockchain fee for this KT1 creation, currently about ꜩ0.257 but that is subject to change by the Tezos development team.
  3. Your tz1 account then becomes the KT1 account's 'manager'; so using the client, transfer to the KT1 contract account however much XTZ that you wish to be delegated out.
  4. Only you, the tz1 manager, can control the KT1 contract account.
  5. Blockchain rules dictate it will take about seven cycles for you to begin getting credits for delegating, then another six cycles before earnings are unfrozen and available for withdrawal. This whole process could take over a month, but these same rules apply to all delegates.

Payments are distributed immediately at the beginning of the cycle they become available, from the previous cycle they were earned in. Currently the blockchain holds rewards for 5 cycles. We use a microscopic ꜩ0.0019 transaction fee to pay the blockchain for the transaction, this is deducted from your earnings to send payment.

-Important Note - If you elect to delegate directly from a tz1/tz2/tz3 account instead of following instructions above with delegating from a KT1 type of account, then you mut be sure to never complete drain your account to exactly a zero balance. If you do this on a non-KT1 type of account, then the tezos protocol will temporarily deactivate your account; then until you send some more ꜩ to your account and also burn ꜩ0.257 in the process, your non-KT1 account will be unable to recieve any payments. For that reason we will be unable to pay out to a non-KT1 account if it has zero balance.

We suppy FULL TRANSPARENCY - Please subscribe with telegram to be notified of our performance!

Secure HSM Tezos Baking

10% fee


System Design

Our developer has over 25 years experience in IT network/security/database systems design and operations as well as fullstack technologies. All tech is handled in-house, and Tezos is our only project.

Tezzigator is the only delegation system that was run fully automated from the very beginning of the production Tezos betanet (June 2018); this included fully automated payouts as well. The system was showcased and tested during the early Alphanet days in which we we also a very early participant of. We were the second public delegate to announce services and have been active community contributors from the very beginning as well.

-Ultra Secure-

Security is a top priority - Tezzigator only bakes in FIPS 104-2 certified cryptographic hardware, the highest security possible. The keys used for signing Tezos blocks and endorsements reside inside the HSM and never leave that processor. Our Tezos public key is tz3adcvQaKXTCg12zbninqo3q8ptKKtDFTLv where the tz3 prefix denotes the secp256r1 type of elliptic curve. Elliptic curves are the basis of Tezos' cryptography.

-Ultra Reliable-

We designed and implemented a system specifically for both high security and high resiliency/reliability. Our system works with dual systems despite the issue of the inverse Byzantine General's Problem as it applies in Tezos where redundant systems must never operate at the same time. We have multiple baking servers that can simultaneously operate without the risk of double baking which will ensure over 100% efficiency. There are no single points of failure.

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Bo Byrd

Bo Byrd

Tezzigator is headed up by Bo Byrd, a network engineer by trade who has 25 years of IT industry experience with full stack competence in systems, network, security, and coding. Bo has been active in cryptocurrencies since 2013, building systems for NXT and Ardor. He has a BSIT from Southern Poly in GA and is halfway through the Georgia Tech MSCS program. He is also Cisco, AWS, and Azure certified.

Josh Brown

Josh Brown

Josh is a multi-disciplinary engineer currently working in Intelligent Transportation Systems. He has eight years of experience in project management and data analysis and is overseeing business development and PR. He has a BS in Engineering from Auburn University.

Meltem Demirors

Meltem Demirors
Investing Partner

Meltem is currently Chief Strategy Officer at CoinShares, founder of Athena Capital, and previously worked as Vice President of Digital Currency Group. Meltem brings both her comprehensive experience and a passion for seeing Tezos grow.

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